Oxford Classic Pure Leather Handmade S-0819

Rs.4,699 Rs.16,000
  • Shoe Upper:

    High grade Cow Leather

    Shoe Sole:

    100% Original cow leather sole

    Inner Lining:

    Anti-bacterial inner lining with added comfort. ( foam padded insole )


    The supreme quality of these shoes is reflected in their premium leather shoes. Supreme quality of leather is used in their uppers, insoles, outsoles and lining.

    Modern Era of Craftsmanship

    LYALLPUR SHOES rely upon modern craftsmanship methods blended with traditional production methods to ensure that our shoes are one of the finest qualities. We have our own production units that make our quality more unique. Our shoe is produced by one of the finest resources in this industry. LYALLPER SHOES has one of the most professional labor with over 30 years of experience in shoe making. 


    All of our premium, full leather shoes are handcrafted to the finest quality standards. On other hand, mass produced shoes are glued together on assembly lines. From there, you can feel the difference.

    Each employee at our production unit possesses unique skill which is utilized in effective manner. There is a list of experts involved in manufacturing a single shoe which speaks of its distinctiveness.


    This shoe’s upper consists of premium, fully dyed cow leather. Using cow leather makes LYALLPUR SHOES unique in the market. LYALLPUR shoes lining is covered with goat skin.


  • LYALLPUR SHOES only uses 100% pure leather. These factors make proper circulation of air and also prevent moisture from the surface.